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1. Which one is the least expensive devices typically work at the physical layer of the OSI model?

A. Routers
B. Bridges
C. Repeaters
D. Gateways

2. The web server can be addressed by either its domain name or by the address in numerical

A. Network Host
B. IRC Network
C. Archie
D. Gopher

3. Unmodulated Signal coming from a Transmitter is known as

A. Carrier Signal
B. Baseband Signal
C. Primary Signal
D. None of these

4. The Device which connects dissimilar LANs of different topologies using different sets of communication protocols so that information can flow from one to another is called

A. Router
B. Bridge
C. Gateway
D. Switch

5. ASK,PSK,FSK and QAM are examples of......

A. Digital to Digital
B. Digital to Analog
C. Analog to Analog
D. Analog to Digital

6. The Store and Forward mechanism is used in

A. Packet Switching
B. Message Switching
C. Circuit Switching
D. Datagram Switching

7. DNS is used to Locate the

A. MAC address of URL
B. IP address of URL
C. Root domain of URL
D. Domain name of a URL

8. Error detecting method that can detect more errors without increasing additional information in each packet is

A. Checksum
B. Even Parity mechanism
D. Odd Parity mechanism

9. What is the default subnet mask for a class C network?


10. Start and Stop bits are used in serial communications for

A. Error Detection
B. Error Correction
C. Synchronization
D. Slowing down the communication

11. AM and FM are examples of............ conversions.

A. Digital to Digital
B. Digital to Analog
C. Analog to Analog
D. Analog to Digital

12. The loss in signals power as light travels down the fiber is called

A. Attenuation
B. Scattering
C. Propagation
D. Interruption

13. Which of the following error detection method consists of just one redundant bit per data unit?

A. Checksum

14. Decryption and Encryption of data are responsibility of

A. Presentation layer
B. Physical layer
C. Data link layer
D. Session layer

15. In Cyclic Redundancy Checking CRC is the

A. Divisor
B. Quotient
C. Dividend
D. Remainder

16. Contention is

A. A collection of interconnected functional units that provides a data communications service among stations attached to the network
B. The condition when two or more stations attempt to use the same channel at the same time
C. A continuous frequency capable of being modulated or impressed with a second signal
D. One or more conductors that serve as a common connection for a related group of devices

17. ______ is a satellite based tracking system that enables the determination of person�s position.

A. Bluetooth
C. Short Message Service
D. Global Positioning System

18. In Communication Satellite multiple Repeaters are known as

A. Detector
B. Modulator
C. Stations
D. Trasnponders

19. A proxy server is used for which of the following?

A. To provide security against unauthorized users
B. To process client requests for web pages
C. To process client requests for database access
D. To provide TCP/IP

20. An inter company network which used to distribute information , document files and database is called as

D. Extranet

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