This is the simplest way to make bootable pendrive

This is the way to make bootable pendrive for Microsoft Windows 7 or Window 8 in Command Prompt.

  1. Step 1 :- Connect a 4gb or more than 4gb pendrive to your Computer or Laptop.
  2. Step 2 :- Open Ms-dos in your computer system or laptop.
  3. use cd.. command for come out from the current directory
  4. Step 3 :-Enter diskpart
  5. Step 4 :-Interface screen of Diskpart In DOS
  6. Step 5 :-Enter list disk
  7. Step 6 :-select disk 1 This Command is used to select disk from the list of disk. You can check your disk by checking the disk sige third colum of the table.
  8. Step 7 :-Enter clean
  9. Step 8 :-Enter create partition primary
  10. Step 9 :-Enter select partition 1
  11. Step 10 :-Enter active
  12. Step 11 :-Enter format fs=fat32
  13. This Command is used to format the pendrive this is the time taking process so dont be frustrate and didnot close the operation during this process this will harm yours pendrive.
  14. Step 12 :-"Diskpart successfully formated the volume" this comment shows u that yours pendrive or volume formatted sucessfully
  15. Step 13 :-Enter assign
  16. Step 14 :-Then enter exit
  17. Step 14 :-Then copy the all files of Window 7 or Window 8 from the window disk or from your hard disk
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