You've applied for a few positions and now you have an interview. Prepare by reviewing your personal traits, details of the company and specifics of the job description.

Organize Your Thoughts

Preparation is vital to your success in an interview. Start preparing early by using the prompts below to make your thoughts and ideas cohesive.

Consider these topics:

Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Effective communication and interpersonal skills are important qualities in a candidate. Employers look for your ability to organize your thoughts and communicate effectively. Think about situations where you have:

expressed ideas clearly (written and verbal)

persuaded others through your ideas

brought out the best efforts of individuals in your team

handled conflict and stressful situations


Some employers feel GPA indicates a motivated and goal-oriented candidate. However, there's more to intelligence than just grades. Think about how you have:

displayed an effective understanding of a task

learned or developed a skill quickly

contributed original ideas

Cover the Essentials

No matter the position you are interviewing for, you need to know a few essential items. You must impress the potential employer with your preparedness.

Review the essentials:

Common Interview Questions

You can prepare for about 80% of the questions you will be asked. Below are common interviewing questions:

1.Tell me about yourself?

2.What are your strengths / weaknesses?

3.Tell me about a time where you had to work on a team? What was your contribution?

4.What is the most difficult challenge you have faced?

5.Can you describe a particular piece of your resume?

6.How do you handle conflict and stressful situations?

7.Why do you want to work for our organization?

8.Why do you want this position?

Know About the Company & Industry

Visit the employer's website, review their products/services and review their industry. The Career Resource Center and the UF George Smathers Libraries have many great resources for you to fully prepare for your upcoming interview.

Gator CareerLink

University of Florida Libraries' Business Information Portal

Researching employers & use Career Search

Carefully Review the Position Description

Also, doing so can provide you opportunities to ask insightful questions about the position. Gator CareerLink can provide you with many details about the position. Be sure to review the description listed on organization's site.

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