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ABC of C Language

   by Shailender Sharma
   on 16 March, 2013

Bootable Pen Drive

   by Avtar Singh
   on 21 March, 2013

e-Trash or e-Treasure?

   by Pallavi Bagga
   on 12 May, 2013


   by Rabina Bagga
   on 25 May, 2013

OOPs Concepts

   by Navjot Kaur
   on 29 May, 2013

Fitness First

   by Ankush Rathore
   on 18 June, 2013

Information Systems

   by Kajal Gupta
   on 19 June, 2013

Quiz Contest in C++

   by Rajnish Kumar
   on 20 June, 2013

Core Java (Tutorial)

   by Shyena
   on 7 November, 2013

C Language Q&A

   by Anmol Sharma
   on 12 April, 2014

HTML 5 Tutorial

   by Kishan Verma
   on 28 May, 2014

Languages and Related Terms
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Languages Description
ASP Active Server Page
BASIC Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
COBOL Common Business Oriented Language
CSS Cascading Style Sheet
DBMS Database Management System
DDL Data Definition Language
DLL Dynamic Link Library
DTD Document Type Definition
HTML Hyper-Text Markup Language
JDK Java Development Kit
JRE Java Runtime Environment
JSP Java Server Page
ODBC Open Database Connectivity
OOP Object-Oriented Programming
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
SEO Search Engine Optimization
SQL Structured Query Language
UML Unified Modeling Language
XHTML Extensible Hypertext Markup Language
XML Extensible Markup Language
XSLT Extensible Style Sheet Language Transformation

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